Penrith, NSW

East Side Quarter Precinct, Penrith
Registered First Mortgage Loan
Personal & corporate guarantee from sponsor
Site loan for future residential redevelopment. DA approved
for 146 apartments. Represents Stage 3 of a larger 5 Stage
masterplan. Stage 1 is complete and Stage 2 is under construction.

Returns paid monthly in arrears 
Loan to value ratio (LVR): 60%
Target returns: 8.75% p.a. (net of all fees)

Loan amount: $4,800,000
Loan expiry: 15 November 2021

Penrith, NSW
Penrith, NSW

We invest with you.

Secured against real property
(direct not pooled)

A unique feature of our fund is that investor alignment is ensured by Solido Capital retaining a minimum 25% interest in all loans (funded from Solido’s own balance sheet) offering the remaining 75% to our co-investors.

With this, you can feel confident our interests are aligned with yours.



Net target investor return p.a

Monthly Income

Returns paid monthly in arrears

Returns paid monthly in arrears


Loan to value ratio

Loan to value ratio


Minimum Investment

Minimum investment

This offer is for wholesale investors only.
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Australian Financial Services Licence Number 501143

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